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Director Board


1/ Mr. Nguyen Cao Tri

Chairman of The Director Board


2/ Mrs. Truong Nguyen Thien Kim

Member of The Director Board


3/ Mrs. Than Thi Thu Thao

Member of The Director Board

Probation Policy

All probationary staff at Capella Holdings are entitled to nearly the same benefits as regular employees who are paid under the Vietnamese labor law policy. Provided basic knowledge and skills for new employees to rapidly integrate into the environment at Capella Holdings Job titles will be invited to attend training courses that fit the job…

Internship Program

Students will have the opportunity to practice, access practical work at the Company, acquire not only professional knowledge but also social knowledge, teamwork skills, soft skills, corporate culture. . . Through practice, the students can both supplement knowledge, if the results of good practice that enterprises can accept will sign employment. Through internships, the company…

Career Path in Capella Holdings

At Capella Holdings, the opportunity for equal career advancement for all audiences is established by a clear and concrete plan of human resource use. The plan of assessment of capacity and work periodically (every 6 months) aims to evaluate the work goals and career development goals of each individual. At the same time, it is…