In the process of integration and development of the country, as well as large enterprises in Vietnam, Capella Holdings Corporation is constantly improving its development strategy, striving to become a joint venture. Industry leading in the field of Entertainment – wedding restaurant and real estate business.

Human resources are a core element and a valuable asset of any company in general and of Capella Holdings in particular. Because of this, the policy of human resource development at the Company is to create equal opportunity for all qualified individuals to advance in their careers, with the ultimate objective of the development of Capella Holdings always accompanying. with the responsibility and rights of each employee.

Accordingly, Capella Holdings human resources policy in the current period includes the following:

1. Recruitment Policy:

Recruitment is carried out in accordance with the company’s development strategy, according to the annual plan and in each period.

The principle of recruitment policy is to select the best candidates for the suitable position based on candidate’s qualifications and experience; Do not discriminate on gender, religion or race through fair and objective selection process.

Target and recruitment criteria are built in accordance with the annual business plan of the Company, with priority:

– Laborers graduated from undergraduate and graduate universities at home and abroad.

– Workers with good expertise, high technical skills, experience and ability to meet the requirements of the Company.

– New graduated students at home and abroad to create a dynamic young manpower to meet the long-term development of the Company.

2. Training Policy:

Human resource training and development is a top priority for Capella Holdings, with the intention of enabling each individual to develop careers and building a professional workforce.

All employees in Capella Holdings have the opportunity to attend professional training courses according to their specific needs, in accordance with the nature of work. In addition, Capella Holdings encourages employees to learn from each other in the work process, through internal training courses and self-training efforts of each employee.

3. Welfare and Benefits Policy:

3.1 Remuneration policy: Employee treatment policy has always been perfected by Capella Holdings with the goal of creating favorable conditions for the employees to have a long-term, stable attachment to the corporate culture of the Company.

Therefore, the salary scheme at Capella Holdings is paid on the principle of fairness, rationality and suitability with the qualifications, capacity, performance, quality of each employee’s work and the spirit and attitudes. Take responsibility, assigned tasks.

In addition to the salary and allowances policy, Capella Holdings also applies bonus policies to motivate and encourage employees to make every effort and dedication in every position,

– Periodic review of salary adjustments based on performance; The case of outstanding outstanding achievements are adjusted salary ahead of time.

– Salaries are paid according to business results or work progress.

– Periodic rewards (in cash) through highly effective work, achieving outstanding results.

– Appreciation (cash) through the achievement of outstanding achievements, the topics of innovations and improvements bring high efficiency in business operations of the Company.

– Reward under the emulation title of the State (based on the Law on Emulation, Reward and guiding documents).

– Enjoying trips – domestic and international holidays for employees and their families according to the Company’s specific annual policy.

3.2 Welfare Policy: All official staff of Capella Holdings are guaranteed to enjoy policies in accordance with the Labor Code of Vietnam. In addition, employees of the Company are entitled to receive benefits under the Collective Labor Agreement, which is adjusted annually.

4. Environment – working conditions:

Capella Holdings always cares about maintaining a comfortable working environment, fun and healthy competition. Regular activities are organized such as sports, entertainment, birthday celebrations for staffs, Family Day, community activities … to create a sense of solidarity, togetherness and friendliness among the members. Apart from that, Capella Holdings employees are always actively involved in cultural exchange activities with subsidiaries, with members of the system. Through that, we gradually affirmed the position of Capella Holdings in the whole city in particular and in the economy of the whole country and the world in general. Every staff at Capella Holdings is always aware and willing to commit to implement. According to the guideline, the goal of the Corporate Culture Handbook, the company staff handbook and the general goal of Ben Thanh Land for stable, long-term and sustainable development. Capella Holdings has a policy of rewarding special competition for talented people who are experienced in the related field, on the one hand to retain long-term employees, attract good human resources from Various sources of work for the Company.


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