Address: 03 Dang Van Sam, Ward 9, Phu Nhuan Dist, HCMC.

Tel: (028) 6259 9898

Fax: (028) 6259 9797

Hotline: 0974 03 77 88



The Capella Park View has a European-style elegance and sophistication, and is equipped with state-of-the-art sound and light systems that are suitable for a variety of conventions, events, banquets and receptions. nearly 2,000 guests at the same time.

With an area of ​​nearly 3,500 square meters, the 12,000 square meter area of ​​Capella ParkView is being built into a four-star wedding conference center. Capella Park View is ideally located not only on the shady campus of Gia Dinh Park but also on the front of Phu Nhuan District’s Nguyen Kiem Street, which is very convenient for traffic. in the district and surrounding areas.

“Capella,” the name of the brightest double-star system in the night sky, is also the symbol of Capella Park View, meaning the wish to wish for a happy, fulfilling and fulfilling life. A solid connection to the success of each event. Each hall was named after a star in the sky, from Miram – Sarin – Sirius to Agena – Spica and Vega. The banquet halls are designed in European style, luxurious and easy to change the area thanks to mobile partition system to create flexible space required by customers. The widescreen display at each hatch makes it easier for customers to observe rituals. Harmonic lighting system, chandeliers distributed along the corridor create a warm sparkling space.

Capella Park View is proud to host many conferences, events and impressive wedding receptions. Understanding the wish of the couples always want to have an impressive wedding reception space with luxury, fanciful decorated nicely; as well as showing the level of business in each event. Capella Park View always cared meticulously to detail from decorating to culinary style to party or event that was perfect and complete.

As the pioneer conference center for the application of LCD and LED technology in all the banquet halls, Capella Park View contributes to the success of events with sharp visual effects, from existing equipment. Great soundproofing system, creating a separate space for events.

Capella Parkview designed menu sets that combine harmony of Asian and European cuisine. Each delicious dish is decorated solemnly contributing to create a perfect party to please and leave a deep impression in the guest.

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