Capella Holdings, with its main business is F&B Hospitality, which owns well-known brands including Chill Sky Bar, Air 360 Sky Bar; Riverside Palace Convention Center, Claris Palace, Capella Park View, Capella Gallery Hall; Restaurant System San Fo Lou (Flower), Sorae (Japan), Aunt Mai (Vietnam) … In addition to developing F & B systems, Capella Holdings has also expanded its presence in the real estate business with The One Saigon, consumer retail, healthcare, education, high tech agriculture, etc., many other areas to become a multidisciplinary development corporation.

In the past few years, F&B has opened up optimistic prospects for Capella Holdings because of its high revenue and profit growth. Up to now, within just six years, the group has owned nine F&B brands and 20 outlets with an average growth rate of 2 brands per year and 3-4 business per year.

Currently, Capella Holdings is recognized as one of the few reputable and most respected brands in Vietnam in the F&B industry. With these achieved foundations, company can establish a strong foothold and be ready for all resources as a prerequisite to launch a new journey in the future.

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