San Fu Lou 1: Ground Floor, 76A Le Lai, Dist. 1 | Hotline: 028 3823 9513 .

San Fu Lou 2: 195 – 197 Phan Xich Long, Phu Nhuan Dist | Hotline: 028 3517 6168

San Fu Lou 3: 24 3/2, Dist. 10 | Hotline 028 38 620 920

San Fu Lou 4: Ground Floor, Cresent Mall, 101 Ton Dat Tien, Dist. 7 | Hotline: 028 5414 1193



Joining the Saigon food market is just two years old, but San Fu Lou has become a familiar place for those who love the delicious taste of the flowers.

San Fu Lou has the meaning of “happy blessing” in order to bring delicious, nutritious and healthy meals to customers in the quickest time.

San Fu Lou has a sophisticated design, with the colors and materials of a traditional Cantonese home that is skillfully combined with Western European style, so it still has a modern twist. The interior of the wood is close and luxurious, adding more characteristic lanterns to warmth. The glass system surrounds the restaurant so the natural light is always filled with small angles. In Vietnam, San Fu Lou is the first open flower restaurant with open kitchen design that allows diners to see the process of making attractive and panoramic dishes in chefs’ kitchen.

San Fu Lou serves a full range of dishes from Dimsum, duck, chicken, seafood to chic chicken, delicious duck noodles, varied dishes from tofu to smooth paste, , … all bold taste of Cantonese cuisine.

Going to San Fu Lou, enjoying Cantonese dishes, Dimsum is probably the first choice.

Dimsum steamed or fried, varied color eye-catching, fuming fragrant in the bamboo basket. Diners will be attracted by Har Gow, Shao Mai (small dumplings) or salted egg yolks, … with crispy soft cakes and the finest essence hidden inside the kernel. cake. San Fu Lou is also famous for its roast meats such as Hong Kong duck, which are rotated using the centuries-old kiln’s specialty baking kitchen, each duck rotating evenly. achieving perfect sharpness and delicious. San Fu Lou also has carefully selected teas, such as chrysanthemum tea, oolong tea, green tea, … All bring harmony, helping diners feel traditional flavor in contemporary space.

The difference that makes the brand San Fu Lou is the unique culinary characteristics, create fast food flow and taste. The spices are used lightly, limiting the amount of grease that makes the food delicious, fresh and safe for customers. San Fu Lou is the perfect stopping place for anyone who wants to enjoy authentic Chinese style in Saigon.

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