Address: 360D Ben Van Don, Ward 1, Dist. 4, HCMC.

Tel: 028 6256 8888


Fax: (848) 6256 9999


Founded in 2011, over a period of time, the Riverside Palace Convention Center has become familiar to the people of the city, the premier venue for holding luxury weddings, conferences Professional and solemn events.

Riverside Palace was formed on 5,000 square meters with a total usable area of ​​over 10,000 square meters. Riverside Palace owns a prime location on Ben Van Don Street (District 4), has a European-style architecture with ivory white columns, high arches, wooden frames with bold glazed windows. noble and equally romantic.

There are 9 banquet lounges named 9 of the world’s most famous Seine, Elbe, Amur, Danube, Nile, Volga, Thames … and a luxurious restaurant designed in modern European architecture, Capacity at the same time can be up to 5,000 guests. 9 halls of different cultural nuances, luxurious and sacred Seine, such as a cathedral, mysterious Nile Hall with endless love, Thames lounge in elegant Angle and Volga lobby. Romantic scene with Russian colors when entering, …

Riverside Palace owns an ultra-luxurious VIP room, a place to host your guests, or to hold important meetings that require privacy and confidentiality. The lobby or lobby can also be flexible to create a catwalk suitable for fashion shows or showcases.

Riverside Palace space first of all to make wings for love couples. Every detail of the wedding party is well arranged by a professional team. And this is also the destination of international and national conferences, events such as or Next Top Model, DMC Fashion Show, annual government investment conferences Each event is decorated differently, elaborately and meticulously to every detail.

The experienced chef of Riverside Palace comes from a restaurant system, 5-star hotel, Vietnamese cuisine as well as international cuisine. Always designing a rich and varied diet menu, top chefs will bring a full range of colorful, delicious meals to suit every taste. ”

With a full range of elements from space, location, style to human resources, Riverside Palace is the perfect place to host luxurious weddings, conferences and class events.

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