Address: Ground Floor, 138 Le Thi Hong Gam, Dist. 1, HCMC.

Hotline: 028 3821 7786


Completion: February 2007


Come to A Mai Restaurant to enjoy the delicious dishes of the homeland of Vietnam in the open kitchen space unique and contemporary architecture but very familiar close. Vietnamese cuisine here with the harmony and balance between traditional flavors will save many postures and emotions difficult to fade.

D Mai Restaurant is located in the heart of the bustling city center, next to Ben Thanh Market, which is a great place for diners to savor the culinary delicacies of Vietnamese cuisine.

Traditional cooking dishes are made with the safest ingredients provided by local farms and are very limited in oils and greases to keep the taste fresh. The restaurant also offers vegetarian dishes and buffet dishes served in Vietnamese family to bring the intimate, helping customers feel like gathering in the family tray warmly.

The unique feature of Aunt Mai is the open kitchen space with fresh salad bar and crispy sandwiches at the entrance of the restaurant. Beside, there is a refreshment bar with rich and Vietnamese menu such as juices, traditional coffee and cocktails, beer and wine, especially the unique wine of A Mai brand. The main kitchen in the center allows the diner to observe the operation of the kitchen. This open kitchen space is a lively highlight and creates intimacy for customers. Next is the dessert bar, which serves a wide variety of attractive dishes. Diners can choose traditional street food here.

Enjoying Vietnamese dishes in pure Vietnamese space does not necessarily have to be rustic, rural, but in Auntie Mai we find the delicate intercourse between modern Indochina architecture with rustic Vietnamese familiar, evocative. Memories remain in the subconscious of many. At Aunt Mai, we see a “transitional” Vietnam, still nibbling a bit of aluminum chopsticks, terracotta plates next to the vestiges of modern cultural approaches such as “brick” An elegant hand-dress or a long dress with old-fashioned street signs, old Saigon prints … The centerpiece in the center is the dining table designed from the blue car – belonging to the markets and the old streets of the South …

With the enthusiasm of the chefs and the enthusiasm of the staff, diners are always served warmly at all times from breakfast, lunch until dinner or snack.

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